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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : JeniOctavia
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] jenioctavia
( Age ) : 29
( Timezone ) : PST
( Other Characters ) :
Rin Okumura ( [personal profile] keepsthefire ) | Ao no Exorcist
Hubert Ozwell ( [personal profile] dualbladewarrior ) | Tales of Graces
N ( [personal profile] unwrittenformula ) | Pokemon Black/White
Yashiro Isana ( [personal profile] parasolspinning ) | K

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Nagisa Hazuki
( Character's Age ) : 16
( Series ) : Free!: Iwatobi Swim Club
( Canon Point ) : End of Episode 6
( Playability ) : N/A

( History ) :
Nagisa's Wiki Entry
Episode Listing

( Personality ) :
At first blush, Nagisa appears to be a bit of a one trick pony. Being smaller than his classmates, far more energetic, bubbly and fueled by cute he seems to fill the 'genki shota' role to a T. But surprisingly, that isn't all there is to him.

With friends like Haruka, who is perpetually stoic, and Makoto who acts as a gentle leader of sorts, Nagisa is the one who is always there to lighten up a mood in any situation. He can be a little intrusive about it, his extroverted nature constantly putting himself in people's spaces, but he means well by it. He's tenacious, and even a bit stubborn, but it all comes from a good place since his perceptive observations of other people's moods and feelings give him an edge when it comes to trying to help those he cares about. Friendship to him is a change to be diligent and loyal, and even things like the distance that's come between him and Rin doesn't stop him from caring about the people he's gotten close to.

And it's his friends who Nagisa feels the closest to. He does have three older sisters, who he certainly loves as any family loves one another. But he does speak several times on the fact that they find him an easy target to tease, going so far as to even dress him in girl's clothing or even trade his swim trunks out for a girl's bathing suit. His affections seem to extend far more to the people in the club; Rei, who he teases with familiarity, Makoto, who he looks out for when he is too busy looking out for everyone else, Haruka, who's apathetic wall is often lowered just the tiniest bit by Nagisa, and even Rin who Nagisa still accepts regardless of his current affiliation and heated rivalry with Haruka.

He is the kind of person who infiltrates his way in to people's lives, either by being just pushy enough or by simple acts of kindness and earns their affection and friendship.

He isn't all that clever, his wit isn't terribly sharp and he'll even say off the wall or do odd things that don't quite fit in with the situation. Once he even startled the enter group by crying out loudly in an abandoned building when he spotted not a ghost or a goul... but a flashlight. But that's not to say he's dumb. Not at all. His strengths just lie elsewhere, and he lies more on the simplistic side of the spectrum when it comes to book smarts and intelligence. On top of that, he's very straightforward and honest, and his boldness and eagerness will often be what drives a plan forward even in the face of difficulty.

Any initial impression of Nagisa might paint him as being a weak character with not much to offer, but anyone who gets the chance to know him beyond a few hours will learn quickly that he's not to be written off as such, and he is likely to become a good friend regardless of what your personality or disposition is.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
Swimming: Nagisa's greatest strength and only true ability lies in swimming. It was in part his idea and his efforts that returned the Iwatobi Swimming Club to full standing, and he has been swimming since he was a child in order to 'get stronger' in hopes that he would end some of the teasing that was occurring due to his name and small stature. He experienced a lot of downtime due to the falling out of their original group of friends, though he's remained physically fit in spite of that.
Speed: Gou mentioned he 'still needs improvement', likely due to his absence from swimming regularly before the club was reformed. He can still keep up, more or less, with Makoto and Haruka.
Stroke: His specialty the Breast Stroke, and he mentions early on that he hasn't 'mastered the techniques' of the others yet even though he knows he probably should.

Other Athletics
Running: Though he's still fit enough to swim well and keep pace with most of the boys, he complaints heavily while running the lengths of the islands during their training camp, and lags slightly behind, likely due to being winded from the water length between the islands. When running with Rei to school, though, he keeps up while still having difficulty catching his breath.

Intelligence: He's certainly not dim, and has been known to rattle off random facts (like the origins of Gou's name), but he openly admits he's terrible at math and will occasionally mispronounce a word.

Problem Solving: Sometimes Nagisa will pop off with the most random, unconventional and strange way to solve a problem ("We're stranded on a deserted island! Aren't we supposed to harpoon fish and search for edible mushrooms?"). Sometimes he'll even give an odd reason for why something doesn't work at all ("You can't eat a pool."), which, even while technically true begs the question "who thinks like that?". It's debatable how truly helpful he is with suggestions like these, though... he gets points for trying.

( Other Important Facts ) :
Nope nothing. Nagisa is just a totally normal, non-powered teenager in an anime about swimming. Yup.

( Sample ) :
Nagisa @ Starfishbucks
Nagisa and Rin of the Okumura variety @ fifteenminutefame
Nagisda and a bitty demon @ fifteenminutefame

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :

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